About InveTrack Consulting

InveTrack Consulting Services(A division of InveTrack Consulting Group Limited) is a Professional Manpower Recruiting & Supply Company based in Africa. For over two decades, InveTrack has grown to be a leading provider of specialised categories of staff mostly needed by employers in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and other global locations.

InveTrack Manpower Services is Licensed as a Manpower Services Company in UGANDA, KENYA, TANZANIA, GHANA and is a member of EMEA Region Manpower Recruiting Network.

Since inception, we have made over 20,000 staff Placements for employers in EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA.

InveTrack Manpower Services is a Professional Manpower supply Company managed by qualified and experienced HR Professionals.

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Our Manpower Categories

  • Hotel & Catering Staff (Chefs, Cooks, Baristas, Waiters, Waitresses, Stewards, Cleaners, Room attendants, Bell boys, Laundry, Concierge)
  • Restaurants & Retail Food Chains Staff (Chefs, Cooks, Stewards, Service crew and Team members for Restaurant Chains & Mulltinational Food Franchises )
  • Facility Management Staff (English & Security Guards, Vip Security, Bouncers, Cleaners)
  • Retail Malls & Supermarkets Staff (Excellent English Speaking Salesmen and Sales ladies for Retail stores, Supermarket and Mall attendants)
  • Construction & MEP Staff (Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Labour)
  • Office Personnel (Secretaries, Receptionists, Office boys, Tea boys, Office assistants)
  • Gardeners & Landscapers (Commercial outdoor landscapers)

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Staff Placement Scope

 Leveraging our long experience spanning two decades in the business of recruiting and mobilizing large numbers of staff for group hirings by Employers located in Europe, Middle East, Africa and other global locations, with our main operational bases in Kampala - UGANDA and Nairobi - KENYA , our main role among other services is to:

Source the right candidates, organize and coordinate interviews for individual or mass hirings, assist with documents processing as well as providing complete support to the Employers in the entire process of hiring and onboarding the recruited staff

We are a global Manpower placement company providing staffing solutions to all sectors of business and industry across all geographic regions.




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Security Guards

Restaurant Crew

Cleaning Staff

Construction Staff

Customer Service

Chefs & Cooks




Some of our candidates working as Baristas in the Gulf

Our candidates prepare for Qatar bulk hiring interviews in Kampala - UGANDA

Our Kenyan candidates hired for hospitality positions arrive in KUWAIT

Our female candidates attend interviews for Security Guards and Cleaners in Kampala - UGANDA

Supermarket and Restaurant workers ready for deployment to SAUDI ARABIA

Recruitment Manager Kingston Kariuki coordinate interviews Kampala - UGANDA

Trade test for Brick laying

Construction staff undertake trade tests - UGANDA

Shuttering Carpenters undergo Trade Test

Interviews and selection of Construction Staff in Uganda

Interview session for Security Guards in UGANDA

An interview session for Factory Helpers coordinated by InveTrack in Kampala - UGANDA

Trade test for Plastering Masons

An interview session for security guards in KENYA

Cleaners interviews in Kampala - UGANDA

Hiring of Security Guards coordinated by InveTrack in Nairobi, KENYA

Our candidates ready for deployment



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  • Email 2 : info@invetrack.com
  • Mob/WhatsApp 1 : +256 742 247 427
  • Mob/WhatsApp 2 : +254 724 551 998
  • Website : www.invetrack.com