Our Promise

We, the Management and Staff of InveTrack Consulting Group are always committed to building deep and long-term business relationship with our clients and partners. We place great value to our clients and partners testified by the fact that we still work with those clients and partners that we started out with at our inception more than a decade and a half ago.

We are focussed on creating a reputable brand for Consistency, Integrity and Professionalism in Manpower recruiting and supply services in Africa and Middle East.Our policy is and has always been since winning is a team work , we help our clients and partners to win so that we can all be mutual winners while maintaining a three prong ethical business practice

Openness and Fairness to our candidates
Dedication & Commitment to meeting our client's requirements
Honesty & Transparency with our Partners

Leveraging on our long experience in the business of recruiting and mobilizing large numbers of staff from Africa to the Middle East destinations, with our main offices in Kampala - UGANDA and Nairobi - KENYA and with a network of recruitment Offices spread across Africa, our main role is:

Recruitment Management Outsourcing (RMO)

Organizing and coordinating mass recruiting assignments by employers hiring staff from Africa

Manpower Source Countries

South Africa

Supply to;

Saudi Arabia
Remote sites support staff in Middle East and Africa
UN and multinational agencies
Africa's Agricultural, Power generation, Mining and Oil & gas drilling camps


Categories we provide

Male & Female Security Guards
Male & Female Cleaners
Masons, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters
General Construction Helpers
Factory Workers
Bus & Taxi Drivers
Hotel and Restaurant Staff
Gardeners & Landscapers
Office Personnel
Male & Female Security Guards
Salesmen / Salesgirls
Supermarket attendants & Merchandisers
School teachers
Health Care Professionals
All other categories

Benefits of Recruiting with InveTrack

1. We have a wide reach of Manpower in Africa covering over 10 countries. We are therefore able to line up large number of candidates for interviews to meet the client's manpower demands 100%
2. Well planned and executed deployment procedures guaranteeing 99.9% deployment of recruited candidates.
3. Excellent conference facilities for interviews complete with free internet and full secretarial support (Photocopying,Scanning, Printing, etc)
4. Proper planning and coordination incase of skype interviews being conducted.
5. A strong commitment and adherence to all terms and conditions discussed and agreed with the client and/or our partners.
6. Manpower supply guarantees. We provide manpower guarantees over the probation period.

Recruitment Process

1. Client's demand received
2. Interview and selection by the client's delegates or via online interviews (Teams, Zoom, Googlemeet)
3. Offer letters for successful candidates received
4. Medical tests done
5. Visa application documents submitted and visas issued
6. Immigration clearance and flight bookings
7. Pre-departure briefing and orientation
8. Candidate's Deployment


We would like to hear from
Manpower Agencies
HR Managers
Recruiting Consultants
Freelance Recruiters
who would be interested in tie-ups and partnership in Manpower recruiting
in the EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East and Africa
Contact Us at partner@invetrack.com



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